Our Team



Chief Rambling Officer

Jo began his beer career as a home brewer before co-founding Hackney’s Brew Club (a place where customers go to learn brewing and to make their own beer) in 2015.

Jo taught home brewing there for three years before deciding to go into professional brewing. He began his professional brewing career at Sambrooks Brewery and had since brewed at Hackney Brewery, Beavertown Brewery and now resides at Neckstamper Brewing.

Outside of the day job Jo has been running beer tastings and brewery tours around London for years and has had consistently excellent reviews.

He also co-founded the home brew group Beer Boars, if you’re keen on doing some home brewing you can get in contact with them here: ​https://www.facebook.com/beerboars/



The Rambling Sommelier

​Sarah has been working in the beer industry for over seven years and she gained her Institute of Brewing & Distilling “Beer Sommelier” accreditation in 2018.

Sarah’s passion for great beer has led her on an exciting career path thus far; heading up the tour and beer education department of one of London’s leading breweries (Meantime Brewing Co), Sarah welcomed thousands of guests through the doors, each of them leaving with a bit more knowledge about the work that goes into every pint of beer.

Making the big move up north to Manchester, Sarah has continued to share her knowledge of all things beer, leading and coordinating tours for UK Brewery Tours in the North West of England and launching a walking tour of the breweries of Liverpool in 2019.



Assistant Rambling Officer

Dom and Jo met many years ago while at university in Newcastle and have always shared a fondness for beer (although in the early days the beers they “enjoyed” may have been of very varying quality). Dom has a huge amount of experience in events organising and management and does a bit of everything, from being the Rambling Beer Co. photographer to helping with group bookings, and generally being around to have a beer with when required.


Established in 2020 and drawing on his experiences as both a brewer and in leading London brewery and taproom tours and tastings Jo decided to set up his own company to deliver tours and tastings, initially online, to make it as accessible as possible.


Our goal is to give you lovely beer and ramble with/at you about it while you enjoy it! We want you to discover new beers and breweries, new styles, learn a bit about the history of beer and brewing, the processes and business, but all in a laid back and fun setting.