Manchester Brewery Tours: Lianne Williams, tour guide extraordinaire!

Lianne Williams

Lianne has been leading Manchester brewery tours and tastings since 2018, welcoming hundreds of guests and introducing them to the best craft beer the city has to offer. She became a Certified Cicerone® in January 2022 and is passionate about great beer and helping people to learn more about the brewing process and the wide variety of styles available. She has also volunteered as a beer judge at the 2020 and 2022 SIBA Awards.

Lianne is enthusiastic about good beer and the Manchester beer scene and loves introducing tour guests to new places and giving lots of recommendations. Despite growing up in Birmingham, Lianne is a Mancunian at heart – hopefully, you will leave her tours loving beer and the great city of Manchester nearly as much as she does! Lianne also leads tours in Liverpool occasionally and she has also fallen in love with the city for its great range of new exciting craft bars and breweries and its more traditional pubs. And of course the stunning Royal Albert Dock!

Lianne also has a blog called Beer Babes where she writes about her many beer adventures around Manchester and beyond.

Check out her interview with Sarah Hyde here: QPCU: Ep.01

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