A portion of our proceeds from our #BeerTogether Beer Tours and Tastings During Eurovision 2023, Liverpool, will go towards Animal Aid Budapest.

Beer Tours and Tastings During Eurovision – Join Us & #BeerTogether for a Good Cause!

I’m excited to announce that here at The Rambling Beer Co., we’ve decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from our upcoming #BeerTogether beer tours and tastings during Eurovision to Animal Aid Budapest. Animal Aid Budapest is a charity that provides much-needed support to the pets of Ukrainian refugees, including food and veterinary treatment, […]

#BeerTogether Meet The Brewery: Neckstamper Brewing

Today we’re talking to Adam, founder of Neckstamper Brewing, one of the participants of the #BeerTogether project, which celebrates independent craft beer from Liverpool and Ukraine. Despite being based in London, Neckstamper has collaborated with Didko Brewery for the project, allowing Chief Rambling Officer Jo to create our first-ever Rambling Beer Co. Beer! Adam shares […]

Meet the brewery team at Didko!

#BeerTogether Meet the Brewery: Didko Brewery

Come and meet one of the most fun and surprising breweries in the #BeerTogether project, Didko Brewery! Taking inspiration from a mischievous Loki figure from Ukrainian mythology, Didko Brewery has gained a reputation for creating unconventional and quirky beers. In this interview, we’ll learn more about how this brewery got started, its ethos, proudest accomplishments, […]